We aim to be responsive to our customers, support innovation, and deliver excellent solutions on time, every time! 

Gislen Software has a team of highly skilled people from Europe and India, who are focused on building quality software solutions that meet customers’ strategic business objectives. We have 20 year’s experience in delivering software projects across multiple domains. As a service business, we always put our customers first, ensuring our understanding of your business requirements and working with you throughout the software development process. Every project is unique; therefore we are flexible and responsive to your needs by tailoring our ISO processes for each project.

We have invested heavily in training our team, to ensure that our customers benefit from excellent communication and cross-cultural understanding during the projects, in addition to our software development service. Our team of software engineers, architects, business analysts and project managers can work with your team, or as an independent team to deliver a turnkey project. We are experienced in technologies such as Microsoft .NET, ASP, Java, AJAX, C/C++, Delphi and Mobile development for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile.



Agile India is a conference for agile software development and is arranged yearly since 2005 by Agile Software Community of India. Agile India is the largest such conference for Agile and Lean software development in Asia…

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In March 2010 I met Intreat the first time. Intreat was a start-up with a revolutionary idea of starting an online service for Social Gifting. We first helped them to build a prototype which was tested in a few cafes in Uppsala.

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In my opinion, it was very easy to work with the Gislen staff I was in touch with. You have a huge competitive advantage since you have a Swedish Managing Director and Indians with extensive experience of working with westerners